April 8, 2010

Nice Neighbors

One of the things I love about my neighborhood is its friendliness. A few weeks ago, I gave someone from the neighborhood a parking space. We were vying for the same space and he wanted it so he wouldn't have to move his car the next day. I didn't care since I was using my car later that day anyway, so I let him have it.

In New York terms, that's very generous.

After that, he always made it a point to say hi when we passed, and then this morning, he actually came up to me as I was passing him on the street. He introduced himself, thanked me for giving him the parking space (only New Yorkers will understand) and offered me some eggs from the chickens he and his wife keep in their backyard. According to him, New Yorkers are allowed to keep up to 99 hens in their yards for personal use—but no roosters and no selling of the eggs or hens themselves.

Well, I am never one to turn down delicious, fresh, locally-hatched eggs,  and honestly, it doesn't get more local than this, unless I decide to raise my own chickens.

They keep three different breeds of chickens and he gave me two eggs of each. The middle ones, which are a lovely soft greenish-grayish-blue, come from their Araucana chickens.  They also keep Rhode Island Reds, which are reliable layers and I think must be responsible for the hearty large brown eggs on the left. The third breed is a black and white one whose name I've forgotten but whose fluffy feathers The Vegetarian loves to cuddle at fall harvest fairs. I'm assuming they produced the lovely cafe-au-lait eggs on the right.

I can't wait to show The Vegetarian the eggs and then fry one up for her in some fresh butter for dinner. She'll be in heaven. (Thank goodness she's not a vegan.)

And who says New Yorkers aren't friendly? Sure, I've lived here for ten years and seen this neighbor countless times and pass his restaurant daily, but never met him until now. And okay, he had to come up to me and finally introduce himself. But now we're friendly. Hey, anyone who keeps chickens in his backyard is the kind of person I would like to know. I guess I should have said hi nine years ago.


amy mcnamara said...

I want some!

Unknown said...

Different color eggs, how lovely. Fry one of each for the Vegetarian to see if they taste different.

Unknown said...

I think I finally figured out how to post comments, but not the rest yet.

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