December 19, 2009

The Egg Custard King

The other day I was in Sunset Park's Chinatown, doing some grocery shopping for the vast vats of vietnamese rice noodle salad I was making for the teacher lunch at the Soccer Monster's school.

This particular Chinatown is booming. Things are changing so fast, it seems like new places spring up almost every day. I was on my way to check out some oyster pancakes I had read about when I passed this place by.

What can I say? I'm a credulous person. If someone proclaims himself the king of something, I believe him.

I went right in and bought these:

The one on the left is a regular egg custard. The one on the right is called "Portugese style."

I gave the one on the left to my friend Ruby. I ate the one on the right.

I'm a sucker for egg custard, and mine was a good one. The dough was flaky and the custard was just eggy enough, with a faint bitter caramel overtone from the torched top.

Ruby pronounced hers delicious as well.

The "King" also sells other kinds of egg custards (almond and taro among them, but really, why bother?) and the usual Chinese bakery standards. I haven't tried anything else, but I would definitely come back for the namesake item.


Anonymous said...

OHHHH!!! That looks so delicious...

Glacier Topaz said...

Love Portuguese egg tarts to death and the best ever tasted was from this small, blue exterior bakery in Macau. Probably the oldest bakery there... Yumms

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