November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Shopping

Even if I'm not cooking the Thanksgiving meal, I always make a point of grocery shopping the week of Thanksgiving.
Because certain things almost always go on sale that week. So it's a great time to stock up on particular items.
I saved about $20 on cracker barrel cheese today, by waiting for the sale that comes every thanksgiving and then buying a bunch. (My family eats a lot of cheddar cheese.)
Also in the photo and on sale were butter, brown sugar, and eggs.
There's a good chance the following items may be on sale the week of thanksgiving in your local grocery store:
• cheese
• cream cheese
• butter
• pasta (particularly macaroni)
• sugar
• brown sugar
• flour
• evaporated milk
• condensed milk
• sour cream
• frozen spinach
• frozen green beans
• ice cream
• sliced bread
• bacon
There are others, but I can't think of them at the moment.
Incidentally, butter should go on sale a couple more times until the spring. In the colder months, cow milk contains more butterfat; therefore butter is cheaper to produce and more likely to be on sale. If you bake a lot, as I do, it's always worth buying a few pounds when it's on sale and keeping it in your freezer.

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